Product Description

Premium Sauce by Chin Swee Vegetarian
- Ingredients : Abalone Mushroom, Bentong Ginger, Flower Seed Oil, Himalaya Salt, Bentong High Grade Soy Sauce
- Natural Ingredients from Highlands
- Contains 270g+- per bottle - 60 days Storage in refrigerator
- Homemade Recipe - No Preservatives
NOTE : Contain Garlic & Onion. May not be suitable for pure vegetarian.
Using freshly picked abalone mushrooms cultivated at the highlands, pairing with spicy and aromatic spices and high-quality Bentong Ginger; this sauce gives you the perfect spicy sensation yet savoury flavour. Whether you like it with rice or noodles, or even with any other dishes, this sauce will bring you a heavenly rich taste that will linger in your mouth. Abalone Mushrooms are also known to help in boosting immunity, reducing blood pressure, and balancing blood cholesterol. This makes it a perfect sauce to healthier and tastier meals in your everyday life.